About us

If you could speak to your loved one’s after you die, what would your last words be? With Angel-GRAMS.com, the shock of an unexpected death means never having to leave things unsaid. Now you can record your last words as a written message, voice or video message and send it directly to your loved ones – a year after you die! You can give strength, send love, make amends or even confess your sins in total confidence knowing that in the event of your death/unexplained disappearance/permanent medical incapacitation, you will be able to reach out to your loved one’s as they mourn you. Why not create an Angel-GRAM for your aging parents or those who may be terminally ill so that you have a piece of them to hold onto long after they are gone? Life may be uncertain, but you can always trust your Guardian Angels to guide your messages home!

The story behind Angel-GRAMS.com

My Dad died suddenly, unexpectedly and without warning. He seemed healthy and happy and the without warning, he literally died within minutes. His autopsy revealed a single massive coronary. As my family and I grappled with the complete shock, unexpectedness and the unfairness of his early demise, we found ourselves frantically holding on to memories of our life together. Old photographs, videos and even our memories failed to give us that personal connection that we once shared and still desperately yearned for. A year into my grief, I wished more than anything that I could still hear his voice, feel his love and have him speak to me – just one last time …

I created Angel-GRAMS.com in memory of you Daddy. May you be the Guardian Angel that delivers these final words of love when they need it most!

Meryl M – Founder Angel-GRAMS.com