1. What is Angel-GRAMS.com?

Angel-GRAMS.com is an online storage vault that allows users to store their final messages to‎ loved ones. In the event of an untimely death, unexplained disappearance or deteriorating health, users can rest assured in the knowledge that they have left a piece of themselves behind, for those who mean the most.

2. What is an Angel-GRAM?

An Angel-GRAM is the actual message that you or your beneficiary would send/receive. The sender of this message may choose to leave a written message, a video or a sound clip.

3. I want to store parting messages to my family/friends/fans. How many Angel-GRAMS can I send?

There are no limitations on the number of Angel-GRAMS you send. Simply purchase as many Angel-GRAMS as you need by clicking on the “Buy Angel-GRAMS” link.

4. How much does it cost to store/send an Angel-GRAM?

The cost of a single Angel-GRAM is $49. This is a lifetime guaranteed once off payment. Once you purchase an Angel-GRAM, it is stored in our vault and released only when you are permanently unable to maintain your account (status check-in).

5. Why must I pay to send an Angel-GRAM?

The once-off fee charged, is for maintaining your storage vault (lifetime Internet hosting). This guarantees that your message will be safely stored during your lifetime.

6. Are my messages private?

Yes. We guarantee your privacy. The content of your messages are vault stored and viewed by no one except your nominated beneficiaties – not even us! We are however able to view your usernames and email addresses.

7. Can my beneficiaries view each others messages?

No. One Angel-GRAM equals one beneficiary (who may or may not have multiple listed email addresses). If you have restricted the access of a message to a single recipient, then no one else will be able to read/hear/view it. E.g. You can send a message to both your husband/wife and your girlfriend/boyfriend without the others knowledge.

8. Can I send group messages to my beneficiaries using only one Angel-GRAM?

Yes. You are welcome to send group messages to your loved ones. Do however bear in mind that your messages will not be private as all of the recipients in the group will be able to read/view/hear the content.

9. My beneficiary doesn’t have an email address?

You can only send an Angel-GRAM to a recipient with an email address. If you want to leave a message to your young children or to aging parents who may not be computer literate then we suggest that you find someone who can be entrusted to pass along the messages on your behalf.

10. Is it necessary for me to put in multiple email addresses for myself and my beneficiaries?

No. We do however recommend that you do so. Your messages are automatically deployed after a year following your failure to check in/login. If the email addresses provided are incorrect/invalid/incomplete/obsolete, then your messages will be deleted following multiple delivery failures.

11. Is it mandatory to check-in/login to my account?

Yes. An annual check-in at least once a year is required to keep your status active. By regularly checking-in, you’re letting us know that you are alive and well. Failure to check-in means that you are either physically or mentally incapacitated/missing without trace/passed on. Whatever the reason, your loved ones will no doubt be mourning your loss and will welcome a message from you.

12. How can I be certain that my messages will reach my loved ones?

Angel-GRAMS.com. has been designed around a stringently tested automatic time release program. If you do not check in/login to your account within the allocated time frames then your messages will be automatically deployed. We guarantee that your loved ones will receive your messages a year following your last check in/login.

13. Can I create an Angel-GRAM for someone else?

Yes. We invite you to capture the last words or messages of those dearest to you. If you are dealing with a terminal illness or aging parents who are literally slipping away from you, then don’t miss out on this chance to preserve their memory. You can notify us of your loved ones passing by updating their profiles. Their final messages will then be deployed a year after their demise.

14. My loved one has passed on/is missing/is medically incapacitated and I’m curious to know if they left me an Angel-GRAM. Can I do a name search on your database?

No. We respect an individual’s right to privacy – even after they have passed on. You will just have to exercise a bit of patience here. If you have been fortunate enough to have been left Angel-GRAMS then you will receive it in due course. Be patient!

15. I have received an Angel-GRAM that is offensive/distasteful/vulgar/criminal/deliberately incorrect/harmful/depicts the abuse of children or animals?

It is important that you notify us immediately. Angel-GRAMS.com reserves the right to remove any content that is guilty of any of the above. Any malicious attempt to harm others in any way will not be tolerated. Content of a criminal nature depicting the harmful acts against others will be removed and handed over to the necessary authorities, in any country where the offence may have taken place or at the special request of the investigating authority.

16. Angel-GRAMS as a Last Will and Testament

Angel-GRAMS.com is regarded as a social media site. It is not legally binding. Do not use this site to store your Last Will and Testament. Please consult with an attorney in your respective country to have a legally binding Will, that states your financial wishes drawn up. Please remember that Angel-GRAMS.com works on a time delay system. Your messages will only be deployed 1 year after your last check-in. It may take between 1-2 years for your beneficiaries to receive their actual Angel-GRAMS (messages from you)

17. Why does it take between 1-2 years for my beneficiaries to receive my messages?

We have been through the grieving process. We understand the emotional turmoil felt when a loved one passes on. A 1-2 year period allows enough time for a state of healing and emotional calm to return. You/your beneficiaries will now have the strength to receive the Angel-GRAM. Imagine for a second having a departed loved one looking directly at you … Speaking to you once again? What an an amazing gift!